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Dipl. Ing. Werner Schuß

Dipl. Ing. and Designer Werner Schuß (born in 1950)


Dipl. Ing. Werner Schuß enjoyed his training as draughtsman and toolmaker. After that he studied fine mechanics at the advanced technical college Karlsruhe.

The training has been improved and completed at SIEMENS. His field of work was medical technology and the in-house design department.

The independance started by his introduction in the design company ITO and peaked in an own engineering company DCS. The following time was characterized by the continuous development of his company and bordering range.

Being an all-rounder, his field of work concentrates over a wide range and enters a lot of areas of engineering.

A very high technical expert knowledge in consideration of recent technological knowledge combined with precise knowledge conversion and long-time experience characterizes the mode of operation of Dipl. Ing. Werner Schuß.


medical engineering, optics, precision engineering, electrical engineering, plastics, IT, Automative



Schweizer GmbH

Tech-Line stand magnifier & adapter

A.Schweizer GmbH

Tech-Line precision folding magnifier

ABL Sursum, Lauf

electronical equipment

Aesculap, Heroldsberg

laser tool holder

BMK, Augsburg

production tool

Bosch, Leinfelden

do-it-yourself tools

Dräger, Lübeck

Pack-ex, gas warning tool

Hilti, Kaufering

HIT-P, press out tool

HöKo, Augsburg

tractor, door hinges

Invair, Stuttgart

pda filewalker

Primera, Nürnberg

my teacher, brain trainer

Ritter, Karlsruhe

dental equipment

Siemens Automative, Speyer

plug connectors

Siemens Dental, Bensheim

T1 Titan, bore drive for dentists

Söhnle, Murrhardt

kitchen scale

VitaVortex, München

drinking water conditioner

Weiss, Walsdorf

beerball, party beer barrel