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Accessibility informations


Display and layout of the web side

All pages of this web side are structured uniformly: within the graphic display of the page you find the main navigation and the Tech-Line column heading panel in the higher part. In the right heading panel area you find the meta navigation with the always visuable components 'Schweizer', 'contact' and 'impressum'.

Between the head and content area you find a task bar. On the left side is a display of the currently opened side with rootline and on the right side you find the buttons for minimizing or enlarging the display. Apart from that, you can keep the normal dimension and you can change the contrast

Below you find the webside content, which contains whether 2 or 3 columns.
In the left column you always find the sub navigation for the main navigation.

In the right column of the home page, the latest information is presented.

You find the real content of the page in the middle column.
Below you find, centred in the footer, links to the page start, to print the page and to recommend the page.

Font size, picture size, zoom

You can set up the font size of the shown page individually in all common browsers. Overlapping browsers, we realized a zoom effect for all texts and pictures:


  • Internet Explorer: View > Text Size
  • Firefox: View > Text Size
    or use hotkey STRG and + respectively STRG and -
  • Mozilla: View > Text Size
  • Netscape 7: View > Text Zoom
  • Opera: View > Text Zoom


The design of this web side has been so featured that while enlarging the font or picture size the raster also will be enlarged. All contents are visuable while enlarging! You can navigate with a horizontal scroll bar.

Display on the printer

For the display of the single pages on the printer a style sheet has been created, which automatically loads and cares that only relevant parts of the content will be printed.
Parts of the page, which only provide the graphic display and a better usability will not be printed.

Pictures and Tooltips

All pictures used on this web side have ALT-attributes and if urgent a describing TITLE attribute in addition. Describing graphics are linked with a following page, in which the linked sides will be explained.