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LED magnifier lamps Tech-Line

The new generation of LED magnifier lamps:

- Coated aluminium arm in two parts with adjustable plastic joints and spring-compensating mechanical components (work radius of approximatel 1 m)

- Available with a lens diameter of 120 mm and 202 mm

- high-contrast, scratch-resistant optics with a very high sharpness

- Integral LED lighting with 3 or 6 x 1 Watt power LEDs for bright and very high contrast lighting of the observation area, combined with a minimum of power consumption and a service lief of up to 25,000 h of light.

- Tilting the head of the magnifying glass allows for slanted lighting - the shadow caused by this is very helpful when checking for cracks/tears.

Special design of the magnifier head:

A scratch-resistant glass lens open to the front allows for a very comfortable work posture as the field of vision is not limited by the edge of the magnifier head (as is usually the case in versions with ring lighting). Thus, it is also considerably easier to position the objects to be viewed underneath the lens as you can clearly see past it (peripheral orientation).




lens type



120 mm

bicvx/ glass



202 mm

planocvx/ glass